Earth-Keeper Presents: Kirby Seid -The Amazing Ancient Crystal Skulls

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    Sha Na Ra is an authentic ancient crystal skull, one of only two vetted by the scientific testing of the experts of the British Museum as being truly of ancient carving.

    The video is of a live presentation filmed at the Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Gathering that discusses in great deal the astonishing attributes of Sha-Na-Ra and documents the work of Nick Nocerenio, the founder of the modern Crystal Skull movement in the last 3 decades of the 20th century.

    Michele Nocerino, daughter of Nick, carries on the remarkable guardianship of Sha Na Ra, and provides access to Sha Na Ra for personal healing and visionary experiences in private sessions.

    There is also an utterly astonishing video clip included that shows purple orbs being emitted from Sha Na Ra.

    Kirby Seid is a crystal expert, and works closely with MicheleNocerino.

    His presentation is fascinating, very well articulated,compelling and well researched.

    The presentation includes a 15 minute film of Nick Nocerino prepared for the BBC.

    Enjoy !

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